Our Approach

Through our assessment and development centers the company will get a comprehensive overview and understanding of their people’s capabilities, talents and attitudes “as is”. Additional benefit is designing a detailed and agreed action plan for each of the assessed employees that would assist them in developing their competencies in order to be able to perform at their highest potential.

We see assessment of employees as one of the first steps in individual’s development journey within the company – an opportunity to get the overview of their level of competencies, and to set development related goals.

Our aim during the assessment process is to:

  • Identify main strengths and areas for development for each participant/for the group of assessed people
  • Help participants to create clear individual action plans.
  • Help company create development plans on a group/company level

Prior to conducting the assessment center, we help our client to:

  • Create a learning path for employees within the company (ubaciti link na trening deo sajta)
  • Define goals of the assessment center.
  • Define competencies to be assessed.
  • Effectively communicate the goals and other relevant information to their employees. (ubaciti link na experienced learning deo sajta)

After the assessment center is conducted, we are able to provide:

  • Coaching feedback to each participant with the aim to understand results and draft an action plan.
  • Ideas and resources for development specific competencies on a group or individual level. (ubaciti link na trening deo sajta)

Client's Experience

Participant's Experience

Areas of Expertise

Psychometric testing – ability and personality tests, emotional intelligence test

Assessment of behavioural styles – DISC personal behavioural style profiling (www.thomas.co)

Situational assessment – assessment of social, managerial and sales competencies using a number of reliable instruments, such as standardised questionnaires, competency based interview, group discussions, In Basket exercises, case studies and role play exercises

360 feedback – assessment of a wide range of competencies using a customisable online instrument.

Our partner – Thomas International

Thomas International is a world leader in creating instruments for assessing candidates for over 30 years.

Assessment tools are available in 56 languages in over 60 countries and used by 32,000 companies worldwide.

Variety of assessment tools Thomas develops aim to ensure systematical and professional approach to the processes of:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Job evaluation
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal
  • Personal analysis
  • Team developing
  • People management

Applying Thomas tools allows the management to motivate, stimulate and activate the employees in their working environment by influencing directly or indirectly their professional self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm.

Thomas assessment tools we distribute are:

  • DISC based questionnaires – Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), Thomas Job Profiling and Thomas Team Profile.
  • Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)

For more information on Thomas assessment tools contact us at thomas@gigroup.com and visit www.thomas.co

CONTACT US BY PHONE +381 11 440 5000